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Kitchen Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

services details

Time is money, we help you save your precious time and leave the messy job for us. We will do thorough cleaning and give you spotless kitchen in 5-6 hours.

These services includes :

  • Kitchen is vacuumed completely. i.e. wall, ceiling, floor, cupboards etc.
  • Countertops/platforms dusted/vacuumed and wiped.
  • Cabinet faces dusted/vacuumed and wiped.
  • Cabinet items removed and re arranged.
  • Sink and faucets cleaned & sparkled.
  • All appliances (exterior) dusted/vacuumed and wiped. Microwave cleaned from inside also.
  • Window sills & Windows cleaned.
  • Hard surface floors mopped & disinfected with steam.
  • Walls & ceiling mopped & disinfected with steam.

f you are looking for a top-up cleaning of your kitchen, you have reached exactly at right place. Give us a call to book a service or leave a message here and we will call you back.

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